Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sol LeWitt Numbers His Process

"What you see is what you get."

This is from UbuWeb, a great resource on the avant-garde, I really can't recommend it enough.

In the above link, the father of conceptual art lays out the guidelines for his oeuvre.

Here's a great snippet, #8:

"When words such as painting and sculpture are used, they connote a whole tradition and imply a consequent acceptance of this tradition, thus placing limitations on the artist who would be reluctant to make art that goes beyond the limitations."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bruce Nauman Takes it Back

Of all the wordplay art I've seen, this one (Bruce Nauman, "Eating My Words" (1967)) is by far the sweetest. Check out the attempts at a post-painterlyesque color harmony with the white shortbread cookies beside a tall glass of white milk, matching plaid tablecloth and shirt, plus red jam (a nod to "Household" from 1964 by Allan Kaprow, perhaps?) Delish.

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