Monday, March 25, 2013

Punk & Art Aint Dead - A Brief Look at Two Exhibits

I love a good combo: strawberries and chocolate, bourbon and sour mix - the list goes on. Today's post is a showcase of two punk art exhibits I've gotten wind of. There may be others so I'll keep an eye out for them, but if you know of any I've missed please let me know - the more the merrier. :)

This first one I discovered on Dangerous Minds (an awesome blog btw, highly recommended.)   

Punk as Fuck: Steve Gullick 90-93 is on current display across the pond. It's up till the end of the month at Indo, a killer boho pub known it's memorabilia clad interior. If I'm ever in London I'll definitely hop into Indo (har har.) 

The great Cobain. Taken by Gullick in Springfield, '93. Photo courtesy of

As reported by Dangerous Minds, Steve Gullick had this to say on what makes a good photograph:
"A good photograph is one that looks great, one that captures an interesting moment in time, one that tells a story, or in the case of a portrait, offers an insight into the subject. Photography is magic. The ability to capture something forever that looks interesting to you is magnificent."
Take that, Sontag!
The fabulous Nick Cave, '07 Photo courtesy of 

The second is the much anticipated (by me and the studded leather vest hanging in my closet waiting patiently for warmer weather) PUNK: Chaos to Couture, opening as the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute exhibit from May 9 - August 14. If McLaren could see it, I'd hope it would make him proud.

Photo by Victoria Will courtesy of Vogue; Bondage, up yours.
Featuring nearly 100 designs, the exhibit will serve as a deliciously irreverent sartorial timeline chronicling the birth of punk, its New York and London scenes (definitely a story for another blog post) and its D.I.Y influences on haute couture. Check out Rolling Stone's piece on the show and get a little taste of how it'll look here.

 A God among men: Richard Hell in the 70s being a BAMF. Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan, copyright by Kate Simon

Excited yet? I sure am. My happy ass is gonna be pogoing all over that joint!

Stay grimy, my friends.


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